Eclectic: one who uses a method or approach that is composed of elements drawn from various sources...I think it's the best way to describe what you will find at LITVA'S Jewelry!


Bohemian: I am referring to attitude here; not conforming to accepted rules or standards...perhaps "unconventional" is the best way I can explain how it relates to my I like to say: Express your individuality and make your own rules!


Yes! My website is hosted by Shopify, which encrypts all of your personal information entries, your credit card info is not stored, only your email and mailing address are kept in my Customer directory when you purchase from LITVA'S.


I personally wear many "styles" of jewelry at the same time -- meaning I like to mix collections; silk crocheted gemstone necklace, long single strand beaded necklace, peyote stitch earrings, Tila tile bracelets, pearl hammered bangles...just to name a few...and that's how I love to create!

I have so many ideas and love to create different pieces of jewelry that can be worn separately or layered. I love working with natural gemstones, freshwater pearls, leather, Czech crystal, Delica beads, silk cord, wire, and stamping is so much fun!

I also feel that we are each unique and beautiful in our own way; I enjoy offering a variety of styles to help compliment your outfit or express your mood for the day!


I use different materials for different pieces of jewelry; specific materials used in each piece are included in the description.


I won't lie here....I'm a silver kind of girl....and my warm metal preference is copper; I love the richness of the warmth it brings to the pieces and how beautifully it accents the gemstones, pearls and crystals it is paired with. 

Also, copper is an essential trace mineral necessary for survival, the body needs it and uses it for various functions, so wearing copper jewelry is actually good for you! A reaction on the skin (turning greenish color) is not an allergic reaction; simply your individual pH balance, the copper and other factors such as sweat and chemicals (lotions, soaps, makeup) all reacting together and can be washed off with soap and water. This type of reaction is an individual case by case situation as everyone is different; lowering a high acid pH balance in the body lowers the chances of this type of reaction.


If the listing description says "READY TO SHIP" or "OOAK"/"One Of A Kind" then yes! You are purchasing the item as shown in the picture. I do my absolute best to represent the piece as if you had it in front of you, but please note computer monitors may alter the colors. With the exception of personalized-hand stamped pieces and if the listing description says "MADE TO ORDER" (you will see color options and there will be more than 1 available) the item in the picture is for example; please note that all gemstones and pearls will vary in shape, color and pattern. Please read descriptions and sizing carefully, if you have any questions please just ask!


Some of my pieces are one of a kind, but I often do variations of color--for example petal hoops are available in a wide range of Czech Preciosa crystal colors!


I so enjoy working on custom orders! Please don't be shy about sending me a message and we will work together to create your vision! Once you contact me with your idea/request, I will give you a time frame for production of the piece.


Every piece is handcrafted by me, therefore please allow creation time on made to order items from 1-2 weeks depending how many orders I have to ship; most ready to ship items are likely go out the next business day --- I do my best to get orders shipped ASAP for you!


All jewelry should be kept away from perfumes, hairspray, lotions, soaps, long submersion in water, hand sanitizer etc. for the preservation of your piece.

Jewelry should be removed before exercise, swimming or sleeping.

Some natural gemstones will fade if kept in direct sunlight; I recommend storing your jewelry in a safe, dry location (such as a jewelry box)

Silk necklaces should be stored hanging up when not being worn to prevent any tangles. If tangles do occur, do NOT pull tightly; lay necklace flat, slowly and gently undo the tangle.

Most metals will patina (darken) over time giving a more rustic look, but can be brightened with a soft polishing cloth and kept in an air-tight bag to slow the patina process.

Feathers may be flat ironed on a LOW setting to smooth out any kinks, but they do bend slightly which is part of their softness.

If you have any questions regarding jewelry care please do not hesitate to contact me, I am happy to help in any way that I can!


Interested in stocking LITVA'S Jewelry in your boutique? I would love to work with you! Please send me an email at with your company information (including your company name, address, website, social media information and tax ID number) I will review your information and respond promptly.

I am very excited to offer a separate wholesale exclusive website and I am proud to offer a retailer-friendly program which includes low order minimums, ready-to-ship and made-to-order pieces, branded display packaging, care tips card for each item to pass along to your customers, designer's choice of a complimentary piece of jewelry with every order and free shipping throughout the continental U.S. on opening orders over $500 and orders over $1000.


YES! Are you a blogger, influencer or social media maven? I would love to work with you! Please send me an email at: