LITVA'S Rewards Program

Welcome! LITVA'S Rewards Program is a way for me to say thank you to YOU; my customers, my supporters, my fashionistas!
I kept everything nice and simple; you earn rewards points for every dollar you spend, which you redeem for exactly what you want: more beautiful jewelry!
There are 3 tiers of earning:
  • LITVA'S Lovers - earn 1 point for every dollar
  • LITVA'S VIP - earn double points for every dollar
  • LITVA'S Elite - earn triple points for every dollar
As you purchase, every dollar you spend goes towards upgrading you to the next earning tier. What are the requirements for upgrading you ask?
Once you reach $1000 in purchases you will be automatically upgraded to the LITVA'S VIP tier, after $5000 in purchases you are automatically upgraded again and are most definitely now a LITVA'S Elite!
I did add one little bonus....I know you will love your LITVA'S pieces, so when you refer a friend who becomes part of the LITVA'S Rewards Program and makes a purchase, some bonus points will be headed your way!
One last detail; don't forget to sign up for newsletters to be the first to hear about LITVA'S news including blog posts, new releases and special events...
like bonus points!
Create an account to start earning points today!
Feel free to contact me with any questions,