My Love For Gemstone Chips...

My Love For Gemstone Chips...


Ah, Gemstone first love of gemstones came in the form of chips; I remember seeing them hanging on the wall of the bead store and I was like "Oooooo, I like that shape!" as I power walked over to them (it took everything in me not to run!)

I was drawn to them because they were different, they looked raw, edgy, not like all the other strands I saw, and when I looked closer I noticed that each chip was slightly different from the cool.

Of course I also bought other shaped gemstone beads, but I was (and still am...) a little obsessed with the chips...some gemstones like Labradorite are smaller chips, more delicate and lightweight while others like Tiger's Eye are typically thicker chips, more bold and more solid weight.

I love that I can create various types of pieces with them that look completely different depending on how I decide to use them; in the beginning, well for a very long time actually I just loved them all strung together, nice and simple, all jagged looking and cool just to layer on together with other chips strung the same way!

Quite a few years ago I learned how to do a simple crochet chain that I used to make long versatile necklaces with Czech crystals and glass...then I thought..."how cool would these be if I used Gemstone chips?!" So I was pretty much unstoppable when I decided that was what I wanted to do; almost every Gemstone chip that is in my inventory in the "bead room" has been crocheted into a versatile piece that can be worn as a long layered necklace, wrapped as a choker, bracelet or an anklet.  Now, I decided long ago to use silk thread for these and someone asked me why would I do that as silk would break down answer was and is because I wanted to add a touch of luxury to them that cotton or polyester thread just could not compare to; that gorgeous sheen of silk thread is unmistakable... and if taken care of properly, every piece of LITVA'S will last for many many years! A photo of one of my favorites, Amazonite, and my favorite photo of Maria modeling these versatile pieces:

Amazonite gemstone chips crocheted with silk long layering necklace

 Maria. gemstone chip silk crocheted long necklace, choker, wrap bracelet and petal hoop earrings

Then I learned a wire wrapping technique that I applied to gemstone chips mixed in with Czech glass seed beads to create my cluster hoop earrings; which eventually evolved into a complimenting necklace that I decided to do individually wire wrap chips placed asymmetrically and I of course adorned it with a cluster pendant... after that a cluster cuff to compliment a few of my other Gemstone chip earrings in my collection. Some photos of those pieces and another one of Maria modeling the Amethyst set:

 Labradorite gemstone chip long asymmetrical necklace Labradorite gemstone chip cluster hoop earrings

Multicolored Tourmaline gemstone chip cluster hoop earrings  Multicolored Tourmaline gemstone chip cluster cuff bracelet

Amethyst gemstone chip cluster hoop earrings, long asymmetrical pendant necklace and copper gemstone wrap around ringIs that the end of Gemstone chip ideas? Not even close! I have some ideas for different earrings and necklaces...looking forward to my next collection and so excited to share them with you!

No matter the reason for your love of Gemstones (whether it's for the metaphysical properties or you just love the way they look!) there are so many options of LITVA'S creations to choose from; I hope you find something that speaks to you, that you love wearing as much as I loved creating it!

Have a wonderful day!




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