How to Style and Layer Your Jewelry... Effortlessly



Here is the honest truth: there are no rules. At least I don't believe there are... I believe you should wear your jewelry however it suits your mood, differently on each day of the week even, if you feel like it! That being said, I would like to share with you some tips and examples of mixing different pieces of jewelry in colors, metals and materials (pearls, gemstones, beads, crystals etc.) Photos of me and my models that will inspire you to create your own personal LITVA'S collection of pieces you will enjoy wearing for years to come.


Christi has a layered, yet not "overly done" look here; sometimes it's just about where you place your piece that give you that perfectly styled look!
As you can see, we have only one ring on each hand (the Vivid ring and Vibrant ring) but then we contrasted her wrists: one with colorful delicate looking Decadent bangles stacked high and the other with the eye catching Renegade beaded cuff.
Two delicate necklaces are layered here; the Tranquility Y drop with the Intuitive layering necklace doubled in the high-low style (which gives the choker necklace effect) 
The Jubilant hoop earrings are petite but bold in color to compliment that stunning cuff bracelet. She added her fabulous hat and voila! Ready to go shopping with the girls!
So to recap: we mixed pearls, gemstones and beadwork all into one look!


Michaela is wearing one of the Live Colorfully Sets; what I love about these is that all the layering guesswork has been solved for you!
The Uninhibited layering necklace; a gorgeous gemstone piece that can be doubled (as shown here or shortened up and tripled) which compliments the beautiful intricate beadwork on the Opulent hoop earrings, Opulent pendant necklace and Opulent bangles.
This fabulous set is perfect for a casual look with jeans and transitions into a dressier look with your favorite dress or jumpsuit - day to night, this set will have you looking pulled together and stylish wherever you go. (These sets are available in different shapes and color combinations to help satisfy your styling needs!)


If Lydia was let's say, at the office all day and didn't want her jewelry getting in the way of her working, a gorgeous pair of earrings and a delicate shorter necklace would be exactly what she needs to feel comfortable while being polished and professional.
We have mixed metals for this look while keeping along the same accent color scheme; rich oxidized copper on the Indulgent earrings and black chain with Sterling Silver on the Valiant choker necklace.
The accent color, in this example, the light yellow (pearls and Serpentine gemstones) pull the two pieces together.
Once you let go of the thinking that metals have to match, you open up a whole new world of styling possibilities for yourself! You will be able to easily find pieces you love together that feel perfect for your mood and outfit that particular day!



Christi is meeting her boyfriend for lunch, so we don't need any bracelets getting in the way...the worst, when you reach over and get salad dressing or some savory sauce all over your loose fitting bracelet...
For this look we are again going with those gorgeous Indulgent earrings but in a deeper teal color to compliment the Regal pendant necklace which features that unique wire knit piece as the focus.
Sometimes you want to fill in the blank space that you have when wearing a longer necklace like this one shown, for those times I absolutely love adding the Serenity Y drop necklace; we chose a deep garnet red crystal that contrasts the teal and peacock pearl colors.
Try not to worry about what goes perfectly with this piece or that piece, mix bright copper with oxidized, add a necklace that doesn't match anything else you're wearing and see how they just fall into place creating a fabulous look you love! 


Michaela has plans for a night out on the town, she wants to look great but not be worried about fussing over her jewelry throughout the evening... she loves her off the shoulder jumpsuit but feels a bit bare...
There are so many options for an off the shoulder look! Here I went for simple, yet dramatic with the Moxie pendant necklace paired with an Intuitive layering necklace left at its full length of 45" (fabulous for us shorter girls as it draws the eyes vertical giving us more "height" and perfect for taller women as you have the extra torso length to balance this long beauty) 
I then of course wanted to add a simple yet stunning, lightweight [air of earrings; so I went with the Eloquent earrings that have delicate, sultry dripping chain. For these gemstone pieces I stayed in the same color family; soft grey Labradorite and blue-violet Iolite.


Katie is going to spend an evening with her husband mixing and mingling at an art gallery event, she wants to look elegant and sophisticated; delicate pieces layered together is exactly what she is looking for!
Again here you see the Eloquent earrings; they are very sleek, delicate looking and extremely feminine.
Adding two Intuitive layering necklaces; one left long and the other doubled in the high-low style, and finally adding the Serenity Y drop to fancy up the look just a touch more.
I want to encourage you to play with colors; for this look I mixed bright green gemstones (Peridot) and crystals with a darker blue-violet gemstone (Iolite) The green really pops against her black tunic and the blue-violet is a little more subtle yet doesn't blend away and disappear.


Madi had a full day of running errands ahead of her, with a meeting scheduled that afternoon, of course she was running late on top of that, so she needed something quick and easy... messy bun, favorite tank and cardigan...but...I don't have time to pick out jewelry...
Yes you do! Sometimes all you need are a fabulous pair of earrings! No fuss, just pop them on in two seconds and you are out the door ready to take on the day!
Here we have beaded shoulder dusters in Enchantress (doesn't even the name make you feel fabulous?!)
These earrings are sleek, thin and lightweight despite their length - they make a statement without being big and bulky. 
So what I am trying to get across is that "statement earrings" can just mean adding a pop of color to your outfit, and yes, they can be comfortable, and yes, you can wear them anywhere.


Christi will be attending a lot of family events this month; a wedding, a birthday dinner and a dance recital just to name a few... she needs something versatile...
The most versatile piece in my entire collection is the Uninhibited layering necklace; gemstones hand crocheted onto luxurious silk; it will come to your rescue many, many times...
Christi is wearing three of them; one wrapped as a choker, one tripled as a layering necklace and one wrapped many times as a bracelet! All you need is a pair of Lavish small petal hoops and your look is complete!
This isn't the limit to this gorgeous gemstone piece... it can be changed up simply by how you position the layers when it's tripled (think one strand higher and two together lower) or long and doubled (as you saw Michaela wearing in an earlier photo) and even wrapped as a Boho style anklet! To change out even one of these three with a different gemstone would change the look entirely... so many possibilities...


Lastly I want to talk about feathers...soft, luxurious feathers...there's something special about feathered pieces; they have a way of making you feel like a fashionista superstar the moment you have them on!

Feathers are the "Chameleons" of jewelry pieces; they can be styled so many ways: very casual with a simple tank/tee and jeans (as shown on Michaela & Christi) as a fun, colorful accent piece.

Also with a dress for a special occasion (as shown on Haley) to add an elegant, sophisticated finish to your ensemble.

And most definitely paired with an edgy outfit to add that unstoppable woman element to your look! (as shown on me!)
In each of these 4 different looks created with feathered pieces I added beaded cuffs, hand pieces, rings and other necklaces or earrings to complete the look; mixing gemstones, beadwork, pearls, crystals and feathers all together.

I hope you enjoyed this guide, that it gave you inspiration and ideas that you can work with to create your own personalized looks - no matter what you have planned for your day or night!

Color and variety are the essence of LITVA'S... be different, be unique, be yourself - and as I like to say:

Express your individuality and make your own rules.

I linked the pieces I talked about today (the links are in grey print) so you can click and view in a new window if you like!

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Have a fabulous day!


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