Flor; The Fashionista...

Flor; The Fashionista...


I have been following Flor on Instagram for quite a few years now and I was so excited to do a collaboration with her! Her blog is called Pearls and Pink Pens, so it's no surprise that the pieces she styled were pearls and of course mixed with shades of pink! She wrote a blog post about our first collaboration that you can find here: http://www.pearlsandpinkpens.com/spring-is-in-the-air/

Freshwater pearl wrap ring, Y-drop lariat necklace and bangle bracelets

That fabulous pink bag beautifully compliments the mulberry pink Freshwater Pearl wrap ring and hammered copper bangle bracelets!

freshwater pearl Y-drop lariat necklace on delicate copper chain

I love the subtle ruffle on her shoulder, a bit more of a minimalist take on the ruffle trend that she paired with the golden bronze Freshwater Pearl Y-drop lariat necklace on delicate copper chain and her copper wrap ring.

delicate Y-drop necklace and bangles in copper with Freshwater PearlsAnd I mean, come on....those pants....I just absolutely love them! Such a fun colorful pattern, and if you are just getting to know me...I LOVE color! :)

It was such a fabulous experience working with Flor and seeing how she styled my pieces for everyday wear, I can't wait to show you the next set of photos she did!

I have to say, I do like her style, very clean, professional, she stays on trend but keeps it unique to her personal style and I really like that....who likes being a copy of someone else? Not me! And not Flor!

I hope you enjoyed my first collaboration with Flor and I will try to not ramble on too much...I tend to do that when I'm writing about jewelry...but I just love it; I love creating it, I love sharing it with others, it brings me so much joy when ladies find pieces that they can wear everyday, to work, a dinner out and for a night on the town!

I would love to see how you express yourself with LITVA'S! Please tag me on Instagram (@litvas_jewelry) or email me your photos: litvasjewelry@gmail.com so that I can see your gorgeousness and share with my followers here and on social media!

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