Behind The Scenes....

Behind The Scenes....


There has been so much going on behind the scenes here at LITVA'S in 2018 that I forget to write blog posts...and as I have been using Instagram Stories feature to do little updates now and then, I completely forget that not everyone follows along there and would like to read an update every once in a while!

By the way, if you do enjoy short little videos, please follow LITVA'S on Instagram so you can catch my little updates; Stories on Instagram are only up for 24hrs so I usually just sit and chat with you for a little bit and also show you what I am working on that particular day. It's a cool feature to see more of behind the scenes and you get to know me a bit better too!

So...back to what's been going on....first off, I'm sure you have noticed that LITVA'S has an entirely new look! Do you love it? I LOVE IT!!! I had found a few gorgeous local models and a photographer and then had a bazillion photos done...I'm talking like 5 photo intense....

Let me tell you I had no idea what went into a multiple models photo shoot...I had it at my favorite location here in Springfield; Hotel Vandivort, with the very talented Riley Massey Photography, and my models are all wearing their own clothes/wardrobe in every shot, adding my pieces and truly showcasing LITVA'S in their own style, well holy smokes...I needed like at least 3 more of me to do everything!!! I'm sure larger companies have someone for each task; getting the jewelry on each model and preparing her for her shots, hair/make-up touch ups, being at the photographer's side while the shots are being done and making any needed adjustments to jewelry/clothes/hair while the shots are being taken....whew!!! I was literally running, yes running from one place to another the entire time trying to do everything....the shoots had 4-6 models I was trying to juggle all at the same time...and I have to say I feel the end results of the photos were worth every drop of sweat!!!

I mean...they are just beautiful, the models, the photos, the backgrounds, I feel so blessed, so thankful, so excited and over the moon happy with my new photos!

So, as I was uploading all these new beautiful images to my site, I had a thought, an idea to be different (if you are just getting to know me; I really enjoy being different...that's just who I am!) I really wanted to showcase my beautiful new photos and decided to have my models as the main listing photo, not a big deal you might think...well no one does that, it's quite the risk doing something dramatically different like that, as far as jewelry companies I mean, you don't know how people will respond, I myself love things that are different... So typically the main photo you see is always the pair of earrings (or necklace, etc) on a plain background and then once you click on it, the beautiful modeled photos are in the listing, hidden kind of, and... I just couldn't do it! 

I also felt that it was a refreshing change to see the piece on an actual person right away, how small/large it is, how it sits on skin/clothing, all the details you only get to experience when you see the piece being worn.

Now of course you might not feel that you would personally wear all 5 necklaces at once (yes, that is how I modeled for one of my photos if you are wondering) but I want to inspire you, give you ideas of what you can style together, how it might look either "minimalistic" or "fashionista" whatever you might feel like wearing that particular day! Most of all I wanted to show that there are no set "rules" to wearing/styling jewelry pieces, mixing metals, materials, layering it on....if you love it - wear it!

To further expand on that I created a free PDF download; "How To Style and Layer Your Jewelry... Effortlessly" which you now receive when you sign up for my mailing list; LITVA'S Letters! A definite labor of love... not being very tech savvy (I'm learning every day) it took me days to put this PDF together and I hope you love it, and find it interesting, inspiring and helpful! Scroll down to the light grey section "LITVA'S Letters" and sign up, did I mention you also receive a code to enjoy 25% off your first purchase? 

What else...oh! I finally broke down and named all of my pieces (I did a whole series of Instagram Stories on this subject)...I was VERY reluctant to do so...I'm a little bit stubborn...I have noticed for a long time that jewelry artists/companies name their pieces and I never understood the reasoning behind it, just to make it sound fancy shmancy? Nope. Totally has a purpose, for me it does at least; as I was creating pieces for my Fall/Winter collection (coming soon...) I was having trouble with my new peyote cuff designs...I used to name them by what color was in the cuff...what was I supposed to do with the new design that has 8 colors?! So I decided to name them by who I would think would wear that piece, some examples are; Romantic, Spitfire, Vixen, Mermaid etc. and of course my shoulder-dusters are named in the same way as some do compliment the cuff designs.

But then I thought, well, I might as well name everything else since I did the peyote stitch designs.... for all my other pieces I used my list that I had worked on earlier this year, this was a list of positive and inspiring qualities/personality traits that felt when looking at a piece and that I envision women would feel wearing my pieces. Initially this list was for my new feathered pieces, but I decided that I enjoyed them so much and wanted to use them for all the pieces in my current collection! For example the gemstone hand piece is now named the Resplendent hand piece, pearl bangles are now Decadent bangles, open marquis hoops with dripping chain are now Eloquent earrings, and even though I was resistant to name my pieces like everyone else does (there's that stubbornness quality, and wanting to remain true to myself in being different...) I am very happy with how I chose to name my pieces and I think it makes it a bit easier for you if you have any questions for me; you now have a name to refer to so that we both know exactly which piece you are inquiring about, and really, who doesn't want to feel Decadent once in a while?!

I swear I'm not trying to make this post 10 miles long.... but I have so much to tell you!!!

AND... I finally figured out how to get the reviews going on my site...again, I'm learning tech stuff every day...but I still can't figure out how to import all my reviews from my Etsy shop, hopefully the Reviews tech support people can help with that... Ok, so what this means is that if you have purchased a LITVA'S piece you love and want to leave a review to help other customers feel confident in my work, you can do this in two ways: either directly through the email you are sent after you make a purchase; which will place your review in the new cute grey REVIEWS tab/drawer on the side of my site, or directly on the product page of the piece you purchased; simply scroll down past the description to the Customer Reviews section, click on "Write a Review" fill out the short form and click "Submit Review" and your review will be seen by everyone who checks out that specific piece of jewelry!

Lastly, I just recently launched a NEW and improved... amazing loyalty Rewards program! You can click on the Rewards page on the navigation bar to read all the juicy details on my "explainer page" and also click on the tab at the bottom of your screen, I hope you will love this new program as much as I do! I love being able to say thank you in so many different ways, I appreciate you shopping handmade and supporting LITVA'S!

Yes, I DO have more to tell you...but that will wait for another post, have a fabulous day!




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